The world is changing quickly! The 2017 P3 Conference: Future Now will prepare you for all of the changes and new trends approaching on the horizon. The conference is designed for senior managers and directors from many different industries, to provide insights into recent and future technological progressions. Our inspiring speakers will share with you their business experience and strategies, show you insightful innovative solutions and describe some cutting-edge trends.

How are real companies getting ready for the coming changes of their current business models? How can technology help you get your HR and recruiting ready for the future? Will robots replace people, or will people be needed to cooperate with robots? In both cases, what does this mean for you as manager? What are the modern technologies that some companies are benefitting from today, and that you could be benefitting from tomorrow? Learn about these topics and many others at the much-anticipated 2017 P3 Conference.

WHAT | 2017 P3 Conference: Future Now!

WHEN | October 12, 2017

WHERE | Slovanský dům, Na Příkopě 22, Prague 1


P3 conference 2017 - archiv


Sean culey

Executive Vicepresident at Manucore
Keynote speaker

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Vasanth Philomin

General Manager Machine Learning & AI at Amazon

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Roland Werner

Head of Government Affairs and Public Policy at Uber

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Martin Harris

Europe IoT Industry and Process SME at IBM

Value of Innovation in Cognitive Buildings

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Tom Self

Partnerships at What3Words

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Andre Dravecky

CEO at Shipvio

Filip Hrkal

COO at Cut-e CEE

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Achim Taylor

Director at Post Luxembourg

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Michael Bourlakis

Head of Logistics and Supply Chain Management Group at Cranfield School of Management

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Aneta Klímová

CMO at Spaceti

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